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A Welcoming Church at the Heart of Randolph

The history of International Assembly of God is such that defies mortal logic and human calculations. It started like a reed shaken in the wind; it has now blossomed like lilies of the valley. Like a mustard seed it was planted, but now it stands like a big tree planted by the waterside which gives its fruits in due season. Its branches have spread out to become a formidable platform, and under its shade many weary ones have found a place of rest. It started with three families, but today has no less than sixty to a hundred families on average, and has touched several thousands of other families in one way or another. In a nutshell, this is the story of International Assembly of God, a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural church that came into existence in the perfect will of God.


The International Assembly of God (IAG) was "unofficially" born on March 15, 1998 when the families of Mr. Emmanuel Okonkwo, Mrs. Peace Okonkwo Mr. Emmanuel Ejiofor, Mrs. Muki Ejiofor, Dr. Sunday Kalu and Mrs. Obidiya Kalu met for worship, for the first time, at Mr. Emmanuel Okonkwo's living room. Brother Abraham Chikwendu was there also. Prior to their coming over to the United States for academic pursuits, these brethren were strong members of the Assemblies of God in Nigeria.


Prior to the birth of the new church Mr. & Mrs. Okonkwo, Mr. & Mrs. Ejiofor, and Dr. & Mrs. Kalu were members of the African International Outreach Ministry in Hyde Park, MA, under the leadership of Pastor Adeyemi. After a period of three years with Pastor Adeyemi, the brethren felt that the prevailing atmosphere in this church was militating against their desire to maximize the vision God has laid on their hearts. Eventually the brethren parted ways with Pastor Adeyemi and the African International Outreach Ministry. 

A few days later, Mr. Emmanuel Ejiofor made the first phone call to the other members of this group to come together with a view to seeking direction from the Lord on what next to do. The brethren first met at Mr. Emmanuel Okonkwo's living room on March 15, 1998 in Randolph, MA. One of the outstanding highlights of the meeting was the overriding confirmation by the Holy Spirit that a new ministry should be born in the city of Randolph, MA. By the following Sunday morning worship had started at the basement of Mr. & Mrs. Okonkwo's house under the name of International Assembly of God. The brethren used this place of worship for the next one year and eight months with Brother Abraham Chikwendu as the "spiritual leader." 

By November 7th, 1999 the new church witnessed the arrival of Rev. Dr. Godwin Kalu from Nigeria. Dr. Kalu became the first pastor of the young church and has continued till present. And thenceforth the Lord has moved the new church from one level of victory to another. By the end of January 2000, for instance the young church moved away from the Okonkwo's basement to a larger space which the church rented. Again by early 2001 the young church once more moved to a much larger space as a result of the increasing number of adherents. And by year 2002 the young church, one more time, moved to a new place of worship which she now owns. And by year 2014 the young church, one last time , moved to a new center of worship which she now owns!! In year 2004, this church was recognized as one of the best 10 churches by the Southern New England District of the Assemblies of God.

All in all, the Lord is building his church in Randolph. Significantly, the signatures of growth for this young church are becoming more evident as month succeeds month. This small "mustard seed" is already becoming a mighty tree which is providing both spiritual and physical succor to all . The future is bright for IAG. Her best is yet to come!


International Assembly of God is affiliated to Assemblies of God U.S.A. with headquarters in Springfield, MO. We are also under the care and fellowship of Southern New England Ministry Network (formerly known as a Southern New England District (SNED), with headquarters in Sturbridge, MA. We also maintain monthly fellowship with South Section which serves as the local fellowship center for a group of AG churches. 

Though affiliated to AG USA, International Assembly of God maintains a distinctive African flavor into its worship style. You may find a lot of dancing, clapping of hands, jumping, yelling in the Spirit. In other words, one may find a little more of spiritual exuberance in our worship style. We believe in worshiping in an "unhindered expression of spiritual buoyancy", but still under the guidance and cool of the Holy Ghost. 

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